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Glonical has the industry experienced senior technical staff and sales team, customers across the country. Excellent service and outstanding performance has won a good reputation in the industry. Got recognized by the majority of users, with a large number of loyal customers, and to establish a broad and stable marketing network. Supplier to provide comprehensive market information as well as the integrity of the market to develop and market maintenance services, has won the trust and support of many suppliers, and better enables the company to provide quality products at preferential prices for the majority of users, and with suppliers to provide users with a strong technical support and excellent after-sales service.

Glonical's philosophy is to customers most in need is the most valuable. We have been working to pass the most valuable thing to you and the continuous efforts to find other relevant countries are the most advanced and highest quality products to meet the needs of various customers.

Company Overview

Roller shaft and screw the guide posts of the piston rod, plastic machinery, screw, packaging machinery, printing machinery Heqing company specializes in manufacturing construction machinery, textile machinery, transportation machinery axis and screw, linear motionlinear optical axis. My company has multiple precision centerless grinding machine, straightening machine, precision polishing machine, precision lathes, drilling and milling machine. Can be processed according to the different requirements of the user, quenched and tempered, high-frequency; service precision metal machining, electronics accessories processing, machining, CNC CNC machining, communication products, lighting, hardware, sports equipment, medical equipment, auto parts, various types of chrome precision long axis, automation equipment, accessories processing; professional manufacturing turn ballscrews, motor shaft, spline shaft, sales LSK linear guide, slide, precision stage, external processing non-standard parts, tooling fixture , fixtures, mold design and manufacturing agents abroad automation equipment accessories.

In order to meet the different requirements of the customers. Technical parameter data user requirements. Specifications ф4-ф200mm, spot everything, length 6000mm Within. In addition, I have a large cylindrical grinding, polishing, electroplating chrome external processing, cylindrical grinding maximum grinding diameter 520mm, length 3.45 m, polishing machine polishing diameter 600mm, length of 9 meters. Welcome industry professionals or unit incoming, sample drawings and machining.

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Company Name: Glonical Extrusion Machines Industrial Co., Ltd.